Business Grants

City of Cleveland

  • Neighborhood Retail Assistance Program: The Neighborhood Retail Assistance program or ‘NRAP’ program is structured to provide grant and loan assistance (up to $40,000) to small retail-related businesses and targets projects which will upgrade the exterior appearance and feel of retail districts. These projects include landscaping, lighting and signage, enhancements which have proven to have a positive effect on the economic vitality, vibrancy and image of a community. All NRAP applicants must have a letter of support from their Community Development Corporation (CDC) and their councilperson. For more information, visit:


For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact our offices 216-281-4422 or

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  • Workforce Training Grants:Grant money for employee training is available to Cleveland businesses through Employment Connection, a comprehensive group of partners which include government, education and supportive service providers that offer workforce development assistance. Grants are available for training dollars for existing as well as new workers and can include money for on-the-job training. In order to apply for the grant, the business must submit a completed application and contact Employment Connection. The employer is responsible for up to 50% of the cost associated with the program. For more information, visit:
  • Other Government Grants visit