In 1996, the Northeast Ohio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce created an educational and economic 501(c)(3) organization called the Northeast Ohio Hispanic Center for Economic Development (HBC or the “Center”). The Center dedicates its efforts to helping individuals start and grow their businesses while encouraging their economic development and supporting them through business programs and services.

The Center provides a setting that fosters client growth, knowledge and skill acquisition and the use of resources during the initial years of operation. Our experienced team, as well as our corporate sponsors and local, state and federal resources help guide small- to medium-size businesses to greater success. HBC is currently recognized as the second Latino Small Business Development Center in the State of Ohio. HBC is very proud to assist all business owners to achieve their dreams, regardless of age, race, income level, gender or company size.

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Please support our cause! As the leading Hispanic non-profit economic development organization in Ohio, The Hispanic Business Center uses donations to support and promote Hispanic entrepreneurs by providing business assistance services since 1996.